The long and short of it.

Who we are.

Let’s just say we love seeing our clients' faces light up when they see what we create. It must have something to do with us being on the South Coast. All that bracing sea air keeps our minds fresh and our creativity sharp. Probably why we have so many long term relationships with our clients spanning over 11 years and attract clients from all over the UK, Europe and America.


If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, contact Nigel Parsons, owner of the sub and MD.

How deep can you dive?...


Floating at the surface


Full service

One consistent approach, one cohesive message, one team of experts.


Head beneath the waves


Ltd and independently owned since our launch in 2005. See what we can do for you here...


We're a team of 12; passionate, energetic and competitive. Find out what out clients have to say about us here...


Immersed in blue

Poole based

Based in Poole, our sub goes far and
deep delivering for clients of all sizes.
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Reaching the bottom


Results driven

We strive for excellence in; creativity,
service and most of all ...results.

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We're propelled by


Outstanding quality in everything we produce or create.


Dedicated to each and every project or service, big or small.


Believing in everything we do - we couldn't have it any other way.


Our smiles are much sexier than our frowns so we like to wear them often.


Always on the lookout to be inspired; by the team, at home or on our travels.


We all stick together through calm waters or high seas.

A message from our MD

“I started Fathom with the aim to go further in strategy, creativity and quality - whilst going deeper in understanding your business, your goals, your brand so we can return serious value to you.”

Nigel Parsons, MD

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