Tail Feather

Launching a new drinks brand

Having put the perfect ingredients together to solve the problem of long waits at the bar, Tail Feather came to us for a new name, identity and packaging. Lots of brainstorming, moodboards and sketching later we defined a brand identity starting with ‘Tail Feather’ which could then roll out to the product packaging.

Project deliverables:

Branding Packaging Website

Bottle edit

“You got us straight away; our product, our vision, our point of difference. Your team at Fathom delivers creatively, strategically and brilliantly.”

Founder of Tailfeather Drinks

Fathom Web 2019 Portfolio Tailfeather V1 06

Working alongside Tail Feather, we took the selected bottle and created a unique illustration to grab the eye. We ensured that the identity was present and featured across the labelling, using bright colours as part of the brand palette.

Fathom Web 2019 Portfolio Tailfeather V1 10