Salisbury Arts Festival.

Wilsons sponsored the Salisbury International Arts Festival for 2016 and, to mark the occasion, asked us to create a campaign to maximise their involvement in the festival.  We came up with the simple idea of the artists ‘hijacking' the Wilsons branding during the dates leading up to and during the festival with their ‘W’ incorporating different art and artists that were exhibiting and performing at the event. We applied this across all media including press and web banners and even decorated their HQ with bright and colourful canvases to celebrate and share the wonderful events taking place.

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Interiors
  • E-marketing

“We love what you have created and taken our branding to a new level for these events. It's so simple but clever and works across all media and applications."

Wilsons Marketing Manager