Making a mark

The Blakeney Group are a public affairs and communications company working alongside visionary Corporate Affairs leaders and their teams to create change. A relatively new company, but with a fast and strong growth, The Blakeney Group approached Fathom to update their existing branding to reflect their experience and to make them stand out within their marketplace.

Project deliverables:

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Using the core message of 'Communication' as inspiration, Fathom crafted the Blakeney Group identity by developing two speech bubbles to create the new Blakeney 'B' mark.

Blakeney logo sized
Blakeney fathom websitevisual

“We were really impressed by the strength of the six different creative routes you presented. They all look awesome. We’re really chuffed.”

MD, Blakeney

Fathom developed a colour palette nodding back to their origins of their name of the seaside town but added a depth and warmth as well as additional secondary colours to elevate the brand look and feel.


Once the identity was crafted, Fathom then produced a full suite of marketing collateral, brand guidelines, social media assets, stationery and a fully responsive website.

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We then designed their interiors and signage with their new branding and conducted a photoshoot of the team in their smartly branded offices.

“Thanks to you and the team for everything thus far - it all looks and feels absolutely right for us.”

MD, Blakeney